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Gigaset A415
Gigaset Gigaset
ტიპი უსადენო
ეკრანი კი
Article name Gigaset A415 General features Connection Analog Number of telephone numbers (analogue) 1 Calls in parallel (analogue) 1 Mobile connection no DECT Standards DECT, GAP ECO DECT Autom. reduction of transmission power, Radiation-free in standby mode, Low energy consumption Additional features Standby time up to (h) 200 Talk time up to (h) 18 Phonebook # entries (name / number) 100 Optical call signaling Illuminated display, Flashing send key Number of Expandable Handsets 4 Number assignment for incoming and outgoing external calls Yes Number assignment for incoming and outgoing internal calls Yes Free internal calls Yes Phone-/Adressbook-transfer internal via DECT (handset to handset) Yes Internal transfer of external calls, conference circuit, call back Yes Audio features Handsfree talking Yes Handsfree talking handset / base Handset Number of ringtones 20 Display features Display Type Alphanumeric b&w illuminated Dimensions (H x W mm) 33 x 32 Diagonal spread (inch) 1.8 Resolution (px) 96 x 64 Jumbo Fonts Yes Display of caller Display of caller’s number (CLIP) List of last # missed calls with time and date 25 Multilingual menu (several display languages) Yes Time / Date displayed Yes Keypad features Illuminated Keypad Yes Easy handling with navigation key Yes Message indicator key Yes Dimensions / Specs Handset, H x W x D in mm 155 x 49 x 34 Handset, weight incl. Accu in g 110 Base station, H x W x D in mm 44 x 88 x 103 Base station, weight in mm 71 Charger, H x W x D in mm 39 x 72 x 76 Charger, weight in g 35



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