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ეზოს ჭადრაკი Giant Outdoor Chess Game
Great for an outdoor party or event, at the park, or anywhere you'd like to attract attention and give people a unique outdoor game-playing opportunity. Giant outdoor chess played on a 10ft x 10ft vinyl mat! Playing pieces range from 17" (pawns) to 25" (king and queen). 9" base for sturdy pieces. You can even unscrew the base and add weight for windy areas. What is Included? Includes full chess set - 16 black pieces and 16 white pieces, made from thick polyurethane plastic. Also includes 10' x 10' vinyl mat (made from thick,durable PVC vinyl. Stiff enough to work great on grass or concrete, but folds up for easy storage. With eyelets on each corner to stake in place.)



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